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British Books Challenge

British Book Challenge

What: "The BBC (hee hee) is a reading challenge where bloggers sign up to read books by British writers throughout 2011. The books can be in print or out. Old or new titles. They can be from any genre and for any age."
When: Year 2011
Why: Well, the British literary tradition i
s long and full of so many great books. And the button is so cool.

My Goal: I'm not a Brit, so I'm an "International Friend". I chose the category "The Royal Family", which means I'll read 12 books.
Reviews: Are not required, so I won't post reviews here, at least not many.
Prize: When/if I complete this challenge, I can download Oscar Wilde's stories read by Stephen Fry from iTunes.
List: I'll make it as I go along.
1. Stephen Fry: The Stars' Tennis Balls (23.1.)
2. Mark Haddon: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (3.2.)
3. George Orwell: Animal Farm (17.2.)
4. Jackie Kay: Trumpet (~5.3.)
5. John Fowles: The Collector (~13.3.)
6. Samuel Beckett: Endgame (~6.3.)
7. Stephen Fry: Making History (9.5.)
8. P.G. Wodehouse: What Ho! The Best of P.G. Wodehouse (~1.6.)
9. P.G. Wodehouse: Something Fresh (20.6.)
10. Alastair Reynolds: Ilmestysten avaruus (Revelation Space) (~18.7.)
11. Alastair Reynolds: Kuilukaupunki (Chasm City) (23.7.)
12. Jo Walton: Farthing (~1.7.)
13. Jo Walton: Ha'penny (~ 4.7.)
14. Jo Walton: Half a Crown (~8.7.)
15. P.G. Wodehouse: Mike
16. Shakespeare: Hamlet
17. Shakespeare: Macbeth

2 kommenttia:

  1. Wow, a Finnish entrant! That is so exciting for me. I can't believe how widely this challenge is spreading. Wow again! So I would love to read your reviews if you do get a chance to post them in English. It would be great to see how our literature is received by a Finnish reader.

    And thanks for your compliment on my button. Frankly, I thought it was so hideous no one would sign up. Funny!

    Best of luck.

  2. Thank you for your comment, it really brightened my day!

    Reading British book will be great, I really admire your long and diverse literary tradition. And I'll keep your comment in mind and try to review books for this challenge. It'll be good for my English, too.