torstai 26. toukokuuta 2011

Stephen Fry: Making History

Stephen Fry: Making History

This is one of those books I feel I can tell nothing about to someone who hasn't read it. It was marvellous. I enjoyed every moment of it. I still miss the feeling of not yet knowing what will happen in the last pages of the book. And I will definitely buy this book so that I can return to it whenever I want to (and I expect that will be quite often).

But I can't tell you anything about the plot. And almost nothing about the characters. It is a scifi-novel, but so very connected to our world I secretly think it could be true. It is set in two universtities, and the two main characters are Michael Young, a student of history about to return his thesis, and Leo Zuckermann, an older physicist.

I realize I have been writing short sentences about what I won't tell about the book, but it is seriously so good that just thinking about it makes me incapable of expressing anything. The last two fictional books of Stephen Fry's I have read have been good, but not amazing. This one is amazing. I truly feel how limiting my English is right now, I would like to praise this book with wonderful, exciting words, but I don't know any. Believe me, it is worth reading again and again.

GLBT Challenge: I don't want to spoil the ending by telling why this book is fit for this challenge. In my book it is, anyway.
British Book Challenge: Part of this novel is set in a British university, which is the very top of academic institutions for me. And since to me Stephen Fry is the very embodiment of Britishness, I can't imagine how this book could not be British.

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