perjantai 28. lokakuuta 2011

How am I doing?

I haven't written in this blog fow months and haven't really thought about the reading challenges in months. That doesn't mean that I haven't read anything and the lists should now be up to date, as I added some thirty books in one go. Approximately 5/6 of this year is past us, and I want to see how I am doing with my challenges.

Take A Chance Challenge
I haven't read any of the 10 books, so looks like I have to abandon this challenge. I'll pick it up next year, it still sounds very fun.

To Be Read Challenge
I have read six of twelve books, so it's 50% completed. The problem is that most of the books I have on my list are hard to come by, the libraries in my area don't have these books. And I really can't afford to buy any books now. I might be able to complete this challenge if I put much energy into it, but right now I don't have that kind of energy. Next year I'm planning on taking one or two (not more) books from my To Be Read list, one anthology of either British or Irish literature and a history of LGBT people in the world, and read as much of them as I can.

GLBT Challenge
This one looks okay, I have read 12 of 15 books. Only three more to go, and I have recently received one book by Baldwin and borrowed a book by Genet, so that's two more to the list soon. Also, I have been a bit more strict about the books than the people who wrote the guidelines for this challenge. I haven't accepted books by (known) GLBT authors if the books don't somehow handle GLBT themes. That why I, for example, haven't included all Stephen Fry's novels. But I feel confident that I can finish this challenge!

Ireland Reading Challenge
I really thought I would be reading more Irish literature this year. This far I have read two books by an Irish author, and I should read six by the end of the year. I can manage this if I read Donoghue's "Room", two Oscar Wilde's plays and... some fourth Irish book I can get my hands on. Perhaps the Pocket History of Ireland I have would count...

Back to the Classics Challenge
I'm doing bad in this challenge, too, I have only read 4 of 8 books. It seems that I took part in too many challenges, I can't remember them all let alone focus on them all. But this challenge encouraged me to read Dostojevski, for which I am grateful! It seems that I'll have to choose between this and the Ireland Reading Challenge.

British Books Challenge
Done! I was supposed to read 12 books, but have already read 17.

A Year of Feminist Classics
I abandoned this during the first month. It seems that I just don't have time for these kinds of challenges. It's a pity, but I am studying Gender Studies in university at the moment, so perhaps this would be good for some other time in my life.

A to Ö Challenge
I have read 17 of 29 books, not so very good. I'm missing common letters C, I, J and M, and harder ones like Q, U, X, Y, Z, Å, Ä and Ö. I don't think I'll make it, I'm missing 12 books. This also might not be the ideal challenge for me, as I have noticed during the year, I really like to choose the books I read mostly based on the content, not the author. But it was nice to try this out.

100+ Reading Challenge
This is the one I really want to finish. I have read 79 of 101 books. That's still 23 to read and I only have two months left. If I read two books before Tuesday then it is ten books per month, which is 2,5 per week. That doesn't sound impossible at all, especially since I can read one or two comic books and/or childrens' books.

Gender Identity & Expression Challenge
I have only read three of five books. There is a biography of Chris Owen in the library in my city, so that one I can read, but the erotica or romance book is a harder one. I have to surf the net and look for recommendations and see if I can find any of those books from te libraries near me. I'd really really like to finish this challenge.

So, all in all, I have read, but perhaps not "right books" for these challenges.

A possible reading list for the next two months:
-Emma Donoghue's Room
-Oscar Wilde's play x2
-any Irish book
-Chris Owen's biography
-a romance or erotica book for gender expression&identity challenge
-one other book for GLTB challenge
(- Orwell's Homage to Catalonia)
(-Caroll's Alice)
(-Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet)
-22 books altogether