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A to Ö Challenge

A to Z Challenge or A to Ö Challenge to us Finns

What: The idea is to read a book for every letter in the alphabeth. I choose to do this by authors' surnames. I might bend the rules a little if a letter is hard, and count an author that has the letter in his or her surname, instead of starting with it.
When: Year 2011
Why: It just sounds so fun. I will probably run into new authors.
My Goal: My goal is to read 29 books, with each of the author's surname beginning with a different letter. In the Finnish alphabeth we have 29 letters, that's why I'm doing 29 instead of 26. I will count re-reads for this challenge.
Reviews: Probably none here.
Prize: If I complete this, I will get a new green plant for my window sill.
List: I won't make a list beforehand, but update as I go along.

A - Armstrong, Jeannette: Slash (~25.3.)
B - Beckett. Samuel: Endgame (~6.3.)
C -
D - Donoghue, Emma: Life Mask (~15.1.)
E - Eugenides, Jeffrey: Middlesex (~24.2.)
F - Fry, Stephen: The Stars' Tennis Balls (23.1.)
G - Guène, Faïza: Hällä väliä huomisella (Kiffe kiffe demain) (~13.2.)
H - Haddon, Mark: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (3.2.)
I -
J -
K - Kay, Jackie: Trumpet (~5.3.)
L - Lukkarila, Päivä: Koitetaan kestää, Nanna (~1.3.)
M -
N - Niemi, Marjo: Miten niin valo (~8.6.)
O - Orwell, George: Animal Farm (17.2.)
P - Peters, Julie Anne: Luna (30.7.)
Q -
R - Reynolds, Alastair: Ilmestysten avaruus (Revelation Space) (~18.7.)
S - Snellman, Anja: Parvekejumalat (28.1.)
T - Turunen, Markku: Juuston pimeä puoli (9.1.)
U -
V - Verronen, Maarit: Karsintavaihe (31.1.)
W - Walker, Alice: The Color Purple (~28.3.)
X -
Y -
Z -
Å -
Ä -
Ö -

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